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Unused vintage World War II Memorial  postage stamps from 2004 - face value is 37¢ each.


You will receive 25 total stamps all in mint condition. Perfect for wedding envelopes, postcards, birthday invitations or other occasions! 

Quantity: 25
Face Value: 37 cents each
Year of Issue: 2004

All stamps are guaranteed authentic, unused, and ready for your envelopes!

Please note that stamps are separated into blocks/panes/singles to fit our rigid envelopes and keep shipping cost low. If you would like to receive your stamps as a full sheet, just message us through our Contact Form and we can arrange that for you.

Because these stamps are of a smaller denomination than the current postage rate, they can be used together or in conjunction with other vintage stamps to mail wedding invitations, party invitations, or just regular old snail mail! 

37¢ World War II Memorial - Pack of 25 unused stamps from 2004

SKU: 3862
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