Unused vintage 25 cent Honeybee postage stamps. The honeybee is one of the world's most industrious and important insects. In the U.S. alone, more than 3 million beehives produce over 20 million pounds of honey. These figures are even more astounding when one learns that to produce a mere pound of honey, more than 550 bees have to visit at least 2.5 million flowers! By gathering nectar to manufacture honey and wax, bees also provide a very important service - pollinating crops and fruit trees. More than 3.5 million acres of seed crops depend on pollination, and the hardworking honeybee does 90% of the work!

You will receive 25 total stamps all in mint condition. Perfect for wedding envelopes, postcards, birthday invitations or other occasions! They also look great for scrapbooking, decoupage and other craft projects!

Quantity: 25
Face Value: 25 cents each
Year of Issue: 1988

NEED ENVELOPES in a certain color to go with your vintage stamps? Convo us and we can set you up a custom listing, then ship your stamps and envelopes together! Please see all available envelope colors in photo #2. 

All stamps are guaranteed authentic, unused and in perfect mint condition! 

Please note that stamps are separated into blocks/panes/singles to fit our rigid envelopes and keep shipping cost low. If you would like to receive your stamps as a full sheet, just convo us and we can arrange that for you.

Pack of 25 Unused Honeybee Stamps - 25c - 1988 - Unused Vintage Postage